It is stubbornness at its worst. When someone offers you help in crisis times and you say no? That is also just plain dumb, it could even be crassly irresponsible, particularly when lives and/or livelihoods are at stake. So, here is the thing; the next time one of the handyman’s boys bumps into you in the checkout line, take his business card. Better still, just go online already. And place your order for handyman services in jacksonville, fl there.

But before you do that, no need to rush, do have a look around. Take your time over this exercise, soaking in all the useful and helpful things that the handyman and his boys could be doing for, especially during these crisis times. You have noticed the business hours too, have you not. You see now how it is. Is not that quite convenient for you at this time? So as a customer, you get to pick and choose the time when the handyman and one of his assistants come over to pay you a respectful visit.

Of course, you are no longer offended if they choose to keep their distance. You are doing this too. The distance is no encumbrance to them owing to the fact that they are good listeners. Speak your mind to them and they will listen. They will be taking notes; these are mind maps or roadmaps on how to propose and how to do. How to propose a flexible, workable work schedule for the customer.

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And how to do the work that needs to be done. And then X marks the spot; make the customer a good offer. But the customer that turns down such an offer would be a foolish customer indeed.